Imagine a material that can be formed into a variety of shapes with stylish lines, smooth curves or sharp angles. Staron provides a practical and durable product that brings any room to life with its beautiful colour ranges and endless design opportunities.

Staron®, unlike granite and marble, provides a non-porous surface with inconspicuous seams that is impervious to germs and bacteria. Staron’s colourful designs are not just skin deep, colour flows throughout its thickness. This allows for cut outs, drainer grooves and edge profiles to be formed seamlessly.

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Featured Staron Colours

Why Staron?

Staron, the interior material with various colours and patterns, can be processed in a curved,seamless shape and is easy to maintain, which allows creative designs. It has none of the disadvantages of natural marble, such as contamination, lack of workability and limited colours, and is known as an eco-friendly interior material that is also non-porous. The Staron collections include (a) Tempest - the transparent solid surface, and (b) Supreme - known for its natural patterns.

Tempest, a transparent solid surface

Tempest unites the elegant patterns of natural stone, and the excellent durability and workability of solid surface in a way that exhibits diamond-like transparency and the brilliance of precious metals. The splendour of chips reflecting light enhances the elegance of the space.

Supreme collection, a showcase of natural patterns

The solid surface of the Supreme collection displays flowing patterns and trendy colours. Its natural rhythmic patterns were inspired by nature itself, and born of contemporary design. As Staron's eco-friendly technology meets with the solid surface product's great workability,the Supreme collection makes your space even more special.

Featured Staron Gallery

Displaying 8 featured Staron solid surfaces.

Preview Staron White Kitchen Island

1. Staron Bright White Worktop and Island

A beautiful kitchen fabricated in Staron Bright White with large island.  The design scheme combines Staron bright white with dark base colour and stainless steel.

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Preview Staron Tempest Peak sink

2. Staron Tempest Peak sink

Staron Tempest Peak has been used for the worktop and incorporates bespoke draining grooves and cutouts for the two sinks and tap.  Staron Tempest Peak is a light colour with speckles and flecks to add interest and works well with white cabinets.  In addition to the worktop the cabinet end panel also uses Staron Tempest Peak and the surfaces flow seamlessly.

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Preview Staron Pebble Terrain

3. Staron Pebble Terrain

A country styled kitchen with Staron Pebble Terrain fabricated for the worktops, upstands and back splash above the hob.  The worktops incorporate cutouts for the two sinks, tap and hob. The cabinets are in white giving a high contrast whilst the cabinet below the hob is in a greyish green adding interest to the overall design.

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Preview Staron Dandelion kitchen worktop

4. Staron Dandelion

A kitchen worktop fabricated in Staron Dandelion.  The worktop has a stepped work surface with the centre part higher than the two sides.  The surface is one piece and seamless giving a clean and effective area at different heights for adults and children.  The red splashback is high contrast and makes a bold statement.

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Preview Staron Bright White Kitchen Worktop

5. Staron Bright White

An elegant Staron Bright White kitchen worktop with sharks nose worktop edge.  The worktop is complemented with seamless Staron Bright White upstands.  The custom worktop has cutouts for the stainless steel sink and hob.  The cabinets are in contrasting dark colour matching the window frames and the design is accentuated with stainless steel accessories.

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Preview Staron Dandelion cladded bath

6. Staron Dandelion cladded bath Dandelion

A Staron Dandelion cladded bath.  The Staron solid surface Dandelion has been fabricated to provide a surface above the bath together with the side panels and bath surround.  The above surface has cutouts for the tap and controls. The floor is also matching and the overall design gives a relaxing bathing environment.

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Preview Staron White Bespoke Sink

7. Staron bespoke Crafted By Design sink

A Staron White bespoke crafted sink.  The bathroom sink and worktop are fabricated from the same Staron solid surface giving a seamless and unique solution to exact custom requirements.

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Preview Staron Bright White Office Teapoint with Fitted Undermount Sink

8. Staron Bright White office teapoint with fitted undermount sink

A Staron Bright White office teapoint with fitted undermount sink.  The worktop is fabricated in Staron Bright White with a cutout for the undermounted sink and tap together with custom draining grooves. 

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