Hanex® is a premium acrylic solid surface material which offers customers endless design possibilities. Whether used in a commercial or domestic environment, Hanex®provides a surface that is stylish yet practical.

Hanex® provides a verity of different colours to choose from, including materials that mimic that of stone and brand new sophisticated neutral colours all at an affordable price.

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Featured Hanex Colours

Why Hanex Solid Surface?

Hanex® Solid Surface is crafted from a unique blend of over 70% natural minerals along with a low percentage of acrylic and other additives such as colourants and decorative effects which combine to produce one of the most durable, flexible, adaptable, resistant, safe, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly solid surface products on the planet. Its composition, durability and flexibility make it an ideal choice for almost any interior or exterior application.

Featured Hanex Gallery

Displaying 6 featured Hanex solid surfaces.

Preview Hanex White Double Sink Run

1. Hanex white double sink run

A Hanex double sink run in the solid surface colour N-White.  It is a sleek and elegant solution with the taps and controls mounted on the upstand so as to keep the double sink run without interruption.  The white is contrasted with the dark tiles on the splashback and the design is accentuated with stainless steel taps and controls.

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Preview Hanex Ivory Stepped Sink Run

2. Hanex stepped Ivory sink run

A warm bathroom design incorporating a round basin mounted on a Hanex Ivory solid surface.  The playful spalshback in red and orange moasic tiles offers a mediterranean feel.  The wooden cabinet offers a practical storage solution and blends beautifully with both the Hanex Ivory and warm moasic tiles.

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Preview Hanex Organic Cotton Sink Run

3. Hanex Organic Cotton Sink Run

A small Hanex sink run fabricated from the solid surface Hanex Organic Cotton.  The basin is undermounted and the sleek brown cabinet provides a smart and practical storage solution.  The Hanex Organic Cotton solid surface has custom cutouts for the sink and tap.  The white sink and sink run contrasts with the cabinet and brown marble wall tiles.

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Preview Hanex Blackbeat worktop

4. Hanex Blackbeat worktop

This Hanex Blackbeat worktop not only sits on top of the grey counter but appears to flow over it making a fun and interesting appearance.

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5. Hanex white trough sink and vanity top

A Hanex white bathroom trough sink and vanity worktop fabricated in the solid surface Hanex N-White.  The trough sink and vanity unit are seamlessly fabricated giving a beautifully uninterrupted flow of gleaming white.  The stainless steel tap and control are mounted on the black splashback accentuating the elegant and contrasting design.

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Preview Hanex front of house office reception desk

6. Hanex front of house office reception desk

A cuboid front of house office reception desk fabricated in Hanex Grey and Hanex S-008 N-White.

This reception desk consist of three horizontal tiers which increase in size as they raise from the floor.  The bottom tier is fabricated from Hanex Grey whilst the two higher tiers are of Hanex S-008 N-White.

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